Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A Toddler's Discovery

Much about childhood revolves around discovery. From their hands, feet, parents, toys, and whatever is at their reach. It's fun to watch Ethan grow in his toddler years; especially now he knows how to puts words to objects. However, he discovered something yesterday, May 27th, 2008, that Nanette and I wish he never had...climbing out of his crib. We knew it was going to happen sometime soon and were a little surprised it hadn't happend beforehand. Yet even in the middle of the night he managed to come in our room and keep Nanette up for about 4 hours and I for 1.5 hours. Not fun! BTW, thanks Nanette for all you do for these boys at night; I know it's a big sacrifice for you.

Needless to say, we were laughing at times because of how funny it is. We are definetly making changes today. Nanette and I know we cannot live like last night for the rest of our lives. Any suggestions? I told Nanette that she should keep him up all day today as way to "punish" (I would never hurt my kids) him for keeping us up all night but really more for him to be tired enough to go to bed when he needs to.

Discovery is great. Nanette and I love our boys, are excited to see them grow up, and find great joy in them.



suzy said...

Good luck. When Gwen was 18 months old she was sleeping in a normal bed and I never had a problem with her. I told her that if she got out of bed then I would shut her door and she wanted the light from the hall bad enough that she stayed in her bed. And it only took her one time to figure out that I meant it. Max on the other hand is now 19months old and still in his crib because he doesn't listen the way that Gwen did. And he doesn't care about anything the way that Gwen did. And I don't follow through the way that I did with Gwen. Boys are just so much different when it comes to things like that. It doesn't make me excited for pottytraining.

Nanette Gamble said...

He is a little terror. I don't know what we are going to do with him... I would say, just love him! He is sure an active little guy. I think that he is pretty proud of himself for figuring out the crib thing. :)

Megan Passey said...

So Sunday was a bust! Apparently after ben and I left the wedding on saturday they changed around where and when and didn't bother to call us. I was kind of mad about it because Sarah and her family were only here for like two days! Anyway - We need to get together and watch Juno. I know Ben doesn't work tomorrow but I'm not sure about next week. He always works Mondays 1-9 so that day is out. Let me know when you guys can. I like we should for sure watch it next week sometime. TTYL

Melanie said...

What a cute picture! Was he just caught trying to escape? He's just trying to stretch his wings for the first time. Freedom!