Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A VERY Late Halloween

I'm finally posting about Halloween. I decided it's better late than never, but I definitely want to do it before Thanksgiving which is only 2 days away. Yikes!

The last 3 years we have had an awesome Halloween party at my parent's house. This year we decided to have a Harry Potter themed Halloween. All of the adult's dressed up as a character from Harry Potter. We did the sorting hat, had a potions class, and ate a mystery dinner. We also took the kiddos trick or treating.

Dumbledore and Professor McGonagall


Professor Trelawney and Doby the Elf

Voldemort, Lucius Malfoy, and Professor Snape


Professor Sprouts, Bellatrix, and Ginny Weasley

Ginny Weasley and Harry Potter

Knight in Shining Armor

Luna Lovegood

Winky and Doby

My sweet little pea pod

Colin wearing Hagrid's wig. So Cute!

I hope everyone had as good of a Halloween as we did and I hope you have an awesome Turkey Day!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Logi Pogi

My little Logi Pogi turned 3 on Tuesday.

We threw a Halloween themed birthday party for him last Saturday.

Ethan dressed up as a pirate. Logan didn't want to dress up.

Colin was a cute little pea pod!

I made these pumpkin cupcakes for his party. They took me forever to make. My friend Kasey helped me. I think they turned out great!

The kids did a pumpkin walk

So did the adults.

The kids had a donut eating contest. Ethan won.

The adults also had donut eating contests.

I won my round.

I didn't realize how hard it would be to eat a donut hanging from a string without hands.

On Tuesday, October 26th (Logan's actual birthday), we had a party for him at my parent's house.

His favorite thing to do was blow out his candles.

I can't believe my middle baby is three and will be in primary in a couple of months! We sure do love having him in our family.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Wedding Bells

My little brother Dane got married on Friday.

It was an awesome day.

He married Chelsea... a really cute girl.

Wedding Breakfast

All the boys had matching shirts and surprisingly they cooperated for a picture!

Finally a picture of my whole family together

So sweet

I love the look on Chris' face

The boys got to wear tuxs

So cute!

I can't believe my little brother is married and I really can't believe I have 3 kids!

On another note:

I made this cute baby boy stuff for my sister-in-law's friend. It includes a nursing cover, 2 burp cloths, a wipes case, and two bibs.

For more pictures of it click here

Monday, September 27, 2010

I ate it all gone

"Mommy, I ate it all gone!"

Usually when you hear your child say this you tell them "Good job. I'm so proud of you!"

Well... is a mother supposed to be proud when her son comes in the room, says the above phrase, and hands her an empty thing of chap stick?

So as not to make him (Logan) feel bad I said "Good job", gave him a strange look, and threw the chap stick in the garbage.

The kid is almost 3 years old. I thought by now he was over eating things that aren't food, but I guess I still need to keep an eye on him. If you have read previous posts I have written you might remember that he has eaten things such as diaper rash cream, dishwasher detergent, and fish cleaner. Luckily he doesn't usually swallow things, he just likes to lick them (except the chap stick of course).

I didn't realize that I had gotten a picture of Logan eating the chap stick until I was looking through my pictures.
This cute boy slept for six hours straight last night; the most he has slept in a row since he was born. It was wonderful!

Ethan loves hanging out with Colin!

Have your kids eaten weird things or is my child just "special"?

Monday, September 13, 2010

Colin's Blessing

Our sweet little boy was blessed yesterday by Chris.

Everything turned out great.

Cutest Smile Ever

Our family minus Ethan. He refused to be in the picture.

Four Generations: Grandpa J, Dad, me, Colin

Four Generations: Grandpa and Grandma J, Mom, Chris, and Colin

Thanks to all who came. We appreciate your love and support!

Monday, September 6, 2010


I've been staying at my parent's house in Smithfield this last week.

I have still been having a hard time adjusting to three kids and so they have been graciously helping me out. I feel like I'm a weak person, but I am hoping this experience will make me stronger. Anyways...

Just a couple of pictures from the week:

Colin loves his bath time in my mom's sink

Chris gave Colin his first bite of potatoes. He didn't know what to think of it.

Getting ready to go on a Sunday walk

Two of my boys taking a Sunday nap

What an adorable face!

Me and my little sweetie!

I made this centerpiece for the table from a stalk of celery, because it looked like a flower. I know. It's pretty dorky.

I made this cute wipes case for Chris' aunt. If anyone wants me to make them one, just let me know! :)

Monday, August 30, 2010

Lack of Sleep

My lack of blogging lately can mostly be attributed to lack of sleep.... and also the fact the I have 3 kids now and I haven't quite figured out how to get everything done that I need to in a day.

I had forgotten how hard newborns are to take care of, but also how sweet, cuddly, and adorable they are.

I have taken some awesome pictures lately. In an effort to save some money, I decided to try to take pictures of Colin myself and make my own birth announcement. I'm definitely not a professional, but I think they turned out pretty good.

I love this picture because he looks so chubby! I think he is going to be my biggest baby so far.

His cute birth announcement. I love how it turned out!

My sister Katie bought these awesome shirts for my boys. I think they are adorable:

Big Brother

Middle Brother

Little Brother

I can't wait to buy a frame for this picture. It is so cute!

I haven't edited the other pictures of Colin yet, but they turned out really cute. I love my boys!

Ethan is starting preschool on Thursday at Children's Classic School by our house. I'm so nervous for him because he is really shy, but I think it will really help him to get ready for kindergarten next year.