Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Finer Things of Life

During a trip to Huntsville, Alabama, I had a chance to enjoy the "finer things of life". There is a restaurant called Grille 29. It's not a place where a person would enter in with jeans and a t-shirt. After enjoying the fillet Mignon, a dessert was in order and the one that I chose was the Chocolate Mousse Pyramid.

Though this isn't the greatest picture, the top of the pyramid is edible 24k gold. Gold doesn't taste like anything but the pyramid was delicious.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Choo Choo

Since Nano has been a little slow and unmotivated to write a blog, I decided to write a quick one about our family's train ride to Salt Lake.

On December 23rd, Nanette and I finally found the time to just hang out with the boys and take a train ride down to Temple Square. We had been getting Ethan and Logan very excited for the whole adventure so when we arrived to the train station in Ogden, Ethan just perked up and was anxious about getting on..."It's going to leave us, we need to get on." It was funny. Eventually, after purchasing the tickets, we sat on the top level of the train and waited for the departure. These are pictures of us. Ethan never stopped smiling the whole train ride down.

Ethan "Cheesing" it before the train left.

Nanette and Ethan enjoying ride.

Logan is just "whatever."

So as it turns out we finally made it Salt Lake. We first headed to the Gateway Mall for a quick meal. Nanette and I had subway, Logan had a corn dog, and Ethan at a hamburger at McDonalds. Of course it was the usual spill the water all over the floor and the kicking and screaming for not letting them go on the small rides. My favorite 'usual' that night is asking Ethan if has to go the restroom and he says "No!" Then we walk for a few minutes and he says, "I need to go potty bad." Gotta love it.

So we finally made it to Temple Square. It's a beautiful sight to see every time. Of course the hoard of sister missionaries trying to do "member missionary" work that drive me nuts because I just want to see the lights. Also, it's now official too that I don't have to go to my 10 year reunion because I saw enough people from high school there that I don't really care to go to it now :-).
Temple Square during the Christmas Season

I hope everyone had a fun Christmas Season and did some fun things with your families.