Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Handsome fellow I know

The Day is GREAT...


look who turned 28!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday to my sweet hubby Chris!

I can't believe this is the 7th birthday I have shared with you. I hope you are having a fantastic day at work and when you get home I will take you on a date (Don't worry. I won't tell everyone that I am taking you to Chuck-E-Cheese as you requested. Oops.)

I love you! :)
Nano & boys

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Logan's new friend

Logan has a new friend.

Guess who it is?

Himself in the mirror.

I have caught him a few times talking to himself in the mirror. He likes to make faces and kiss himself.

If he was older, people might think he was narcissistic, but because he is so little he is just plain adorable.

A couple of days ago I caught him saying to himself: "You want to vaccumn? Do you? Yah? You want to vaccumn? Yah?". It was hilarious. He had no idea I was watching him.

I love my kids.

I can't wait to read these posts in a few years and smile at the cute things that they did.

I am down to 35 days left until my due date. Crazy!... but exciting. :)

On another note:

I have decided to open an etsy shop. So far I have just listed a few baby items, but I am hoping to expand to other things also. Check it out here.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Drive-In and Risk

We had a busy, but fun weekend.

Friday we went to the Drive-In movie with some friends from our ward. We saw Shrek 4 and then Letters to Juliet (I was the only one who stayed awake for this one. It was okay.)

We got to the drive-in 2 hours early so we could get a good spot. The kids had fun playing in the van with their friends while we waited.

All smiles!

Ethan fell asleep on the way there. Poor kid was so tired!

Cal, Emma, Logan, and Ethan

The guys hanging out: Joey, David, Chris

Saturday we went to Village Inn with some friends and than they came over to play games. Of course, the guys had to play Risk.

Mike and Chris

Jonathon and Aaron

The wives mostly talked and took care of the kids. We probably had as much fun as the guys though.

Sunday Jonathon and Aaron came over for round 2 of Risk. What is it with guys and this game?

We were all so exhausted from the weekend from staying up late and not getting enough sleep.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Shrimp on the Barbi!

We have been trying to eat out less in an attempt to save money and eat healthier.

We have been doing pretty good lately and have enjoyed trying new things.

With the weather be nicer we have been able to grill more. I especially enjoy grilling, because I don't have to do it; after all, it is a man's job. Well, not really, but I think Chris likes to do it.

While grocery shopping on Tuesday, Chris decided he wanted to buy some fresh shrimp. (I know... not cheap... but its okay to splurge every once in a while).

So yesterday for dinner we had steak and shrimp on the barbi. I usually only like breaded shrimp, but the grilled shrimp was actually pretty good.

The baking/grilling king himself, Mr. Christopher Gamble!

All done and ready to eat

In other news:

I have been doing a lot of sewing lately in preparation for the baby. It has been so much fun! I just finished a diaper bag yesterday that I have been working on for awhile. It turned out so cute.

To see this and other crafts I have been working on, check out my craft blog here.