Monday, November 2, 2009

A Busy Week

Last week was crazy!

Chris took the whole week off because we had a lot going on and he was hoping to get a break from busyness.... but he was actually looking forward to going back to work today, just to get back to normal life. SAD. :( This week shouldn't be so crazy!

Here is the timeline of our ac
tivities from last week:

Monday: Logan's birthday. Our sweet little boy turned 2! I can't believe he is that old. We wanted to take him to the tree house museum, but we were worried about getting the h1n1 virus because of all of the kids that like to slobber on toys. So instead we took them to see the movie "Astroboy". It was a cute show. That evening we had a little party for him with just our family.

Wearing his cute superman cape that his Nana made him.

Tuesday: Dane came home from his mission. We were able to go to the airport to pick him up. I immediately began to cry the second that I saw him walking out of the terminal. It was such an amazing experience. I love my family! Dane has grown up so much. I am so grateful he is my younger, but taller brother! I didn't get any pictures from the airport... they are all on my mom's camera. But I do have a picture of Logan sitting on Dane's lap the next morning. Logan was born two days after Dane left for the mission and so he had never met Logan.

Wednesday: Hung out with Dane and the fam. We stayed at a hotel in Logan Tuesday night and than hung out with my family the next day. We went over to the church and played basketball for awhile. That was so much fun! I wish I could play more often. Chris hurt his ankle, but it is doing a lot better now. That night we went swimming with my family at our hotel. Dane hadn't been swimming in two years and so it was fun to take him.

Thursday: Elder's Quorum Pumpkin Carving. Chris is the Elder's Quorum President and he put together a pumpkin carving party at the church. It was a lot of fun, but we spent the day getting ready for it.

Friday: Halloween party at neighbor's house. We spent the day running around looking for halloween costumes. We always like to put it off until the last minute. We also took Logan to the doctor for his 2 year check-up. He had to get 4 shots. I was worried that he would scream, but he barely even whimpered and was smiling when it was all over! Chris' mom watched the boys and we went to a party at a neighbor's house. We had fun.

Saturday: Test and Halloween with family. Saturday morning I spent studying and taking at test and then we rushed up to Smithfield to hang out with the fam. Katie had planned a fun party for us. We all dressed up in our costumes, played some fun games, went trick-or-treating, and watched a movie. It was a lot of fun and I think that boys really enjoyed it; especially Ethan, because he knew what was going on. Thanks Katie for throwing such a cool party!
Cutie Logan in his ninja costume

Ethan in his Handy Manny costume. He was so excited to put it on!My mom as "Super Mom" and my dad as "Super Bishop". He is wearing tights! Awesome!

Caleb as "SuperFan", Dane as "Super RM", Nick as "Super star". They are all wearing tights. Ha ha. :)

Katie as "Olive Oil" and Aaron as "Popeye"

For some reason I didn't get a picture of Naomi and Raulon. I think that my Mom took one.

Sunday: Baby blessing and another party for Logan's birthday with Chris' fam. I stayed over night at my parent's saturday and went to my friend, Hilary's, ward to see her baby be blessed. Then I rushed back to my house so that we could have a party with Chris' family for Logan's birthday.

I am exhausted after writing all of this. I better go take a nap. J/k. You probably didn't want to know so much detail about what we did, but too bad! :)

I hope everyone had a great Halloween! I am now looking forward to Thanksgiving!