Monday, March 28, 2011

Where are you?


Where are you?

The Groundhog said you would be here 6 weeks ago.

I am so done with this weirdo weather.

Why is it sunny for an hour, rainy the next, and snowy after that? (Repeated over and over again).

I'm getting depressed being cooped up in the house.

Please bring warm, sunny weather ASAP.


Dislikes snow after Christmas


For the 1/2 of a day last week that it was sunny and somewhat warm, I took the boys to the park. It felt so good to be outside. The boys were so excited.

My sweet babes. He loved the swings the most.

Ethan, my soon to be kindergartener

Logan the monkey

Three cutie boys

What cute smiles!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Lovin' it

I got my hair done last week by my sis-in-law Chelsea. 

She works at a salon in Logan and I was up visiting my parents and thought it was the perfect time for my hair to get some much needed attention.

She dyed my hair darker and put highlights in the back and I also got some more bangs on the side.

I love, love, love it!

Thanks so much Chelsea.  It was fun talking to you and getting pampered.

My hair. Voila.


The back.  This picture doesn't show the highlights very well.

I have never been good at doing my hair. Just ask my sister Katie or anyone else for that matter. So I was thrilled when it turned out this good on Sunday. Of course I had to take a picture.

I'm so blessed to have a sister and sister-in-law who are so talented with hair. Now I just need to live closer to them so that I can pay them to do my hair everyday! :)

Sunday, March 20, 2011


On March 27th Chris and I will have known each other for 7 years.

We met on a blind date.

Yesterday we decided to relive our first date.

I don't remember as much as I would like to of our first date.

I do remember that my cousin Ashley was trying to set me up with a different guy, but then he couldn't come and so I told her not to worry about it and that I didn't need to go.

Well, then my cousin Josh found his friend Chris Gamble to go with me.

I had been on 4 other blind dates before so I wasn't extremely nervous... until I got to Josh and Steph's house. Chris was "hiding" in the basement when I got there. It's always weird when you meet your blind date for the first time. You have no clue what they are going to look like or what they will be like.

I remember that I was the chauffeur for the date. I drove my awesome Ford Explorer because we could fit all six of us in it. We started out with small talk... and I soon found out that Chris was unemployed; well, in his defense he was between jobs and was going to start a new job the next week. That is all I remember about our conversation in the car. Chris and I always joke about how this is a good way to start out a date by telling the other person that you don't have a job.

We ate dinner at The Old Spaghetti Factory at Trolley Square. I don't remember anything expect that Strawberry Lemonade came out my nose. I don't recommend laughing and drinking at the same time.

After dinner we stopped at the Tesoro Gas Station on Beck Street in North Salt Lake. I think I had to get gas. Then we went to the Walmart in Harrisville and walked around for an hour. I don't even remember why we went there. We did sit on one of the couches and stare at the camera in the ceiling. Good times.

I honestly can't remember what we did after that. I think we went back to Josh and Steph's house and either played a game or watched a movie. Do you remember Ashley? I wish I would've written this stuff sooner.

Anyways, we might never have seen each other again, but I stayed over at Ashley's house that night and went to church with her on Sunday. Ash's mom asked me if I wanted Josh to invite Chris over for dinner.

Chris came over. He spilled red punch on their tablecloth. I spilled chicken on my shirt. Chris ate it off my shirt. We went to a Jericho Road fireside. We sorta held hands. Chris got up the courage to ask me out again.... and the rest is history (well, we obviously went on a lot more dates before we tied the knot).

I don't have any pictures of us on our first date, but my Aunt did take a picture of us at dinner that Sunday. I will scan it soon and then you can see how young we look.

Back to yesterday:

We reenacted our date a week early because we had a babysitter and when you have kids you can't pass up those opportunities.

We first went to Home Depot. We walked around without the kids driving us nuts and we talked about different things we want to do to our house.

We then went to IKEA. I wanted to buy everything, but we were good and just window shopped.

Next we arrived at the Spaghetti Factory. We only had to wait about five minutes. We were seated in the trolley. I was excited to sit there, but then I realized that it was pretty crammed. So, we can say that we have eaten in the trolley car, but never want to do it again.

My handsome hubby

I love spumoni! Can you tell my hair is darker? Thanks Chelsea for coloring it. I will show a close picture of it once I get a picture.

Sadly...Strawberry Lemonade did not come out my nose, but we had a really enjoyable time strolling down memory lane.

On our way home we obviously had to stop at Walmart. Their furniture is up high now, so we couldn't sit on a couch. We went over to Lawn and Garden thinking we could sit on a patio chair, but they have those up high now too. They must have gotten sick of people making out on them.

I remembered that they usually have benches by the pharmacy and so we headed over there and sat on one for a couple of minutes.

I bet people thought we were weird taking a picture of ourselves on a Walmart bench. They just don't understand that it holds sentimental meaning to us. Ha ha.

I can't believe we have known each other for 7 years. I also can't imagine that we went most of our life not knowing each other. But now we are family... And we have a lot to show for our 7 years together. Most importantly... we have created 3 adorable boys.

It has been a rocky road at times, but I am certainly enjoying the ride.

I love you Chrissy.

What did you do on your first date with your spouse?

P.S. My baby has started crawling. He is getting into eveything!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I think of myself as a whiner.

I'm always complaining about how hard things are or how I wish things were different.

I dislike this trait of mine. It is a definite weakness.

But... As I was laying in bed last night, tossing and turning, I became overwhelmed with love and gratitude for all the I have.

I am so blessed.

.....So blessed to be the mother of this sweet cutie. As you can see, we can't leave him in his car seat unbuckled anymore.

He decided he had enough and was almost all of the way out before I grabbed him. He is getting so mobile. He does the army crawl and also likes to scoot on his back. It is pretty funny to watch. He says Mama a lot, mostly when he is sad. I have also heard him say hi and dada.

He is such a sweet baby. He loves to hold his doggie or a blanket when he is tired and suck his thumb. I love you Colin Babes!

...So blessed to be the mother of this adorable 3 year old. Doesn't he look so cute in his bowling shoes? He asks to go bowling every day; not really because he wants to bowl, but because he wants to play the arcades there. He has the cutest little voice and always says the sweetest things. He always tells me that different things are beautiful... like my hair or other things. He is also very sensitive to when others are sick or hurt by giving them hugs and kisses.

A couple of conversations we have had with Logan lately:

Chris was reading a book with Logan (He has been obsessed with reading books lately.). Logan pointed at a picture and mentioned that it was Chris.

Chris: No. That's Jesus. Did you know that Jesus loves you?

Logan: Yah. He died me.

Me: He died for you?

Logan: Yah. But he will get up again.

So precious to hear from a 3 year old. I can tell he has been listening in primary.

Another conversation from this morning:

Me: You know I love you right?

Logan: Ohhhh.

Me: What?

Logan: You're so funny.

Me: Do you love me?

Logan: No. I love Ethan.

Me: Well do you love me too?

Logan: No. Just Ethan.

Me: Okay. Well, go have fun playing with him.

Logan: Okay.

Me: Love you.

Logan: Love you too.

What a sweet boy.

He is becoming such a good, big brother to Colin. He always wants to hold him and give him his bottle. He actually looks smaller than Colin in this picture. I just noticed that. He is pretty small for his age, but such a cutie. I love you Loags!

....So blessed to be the mother of this smartie pants 4 year old. Ethan loves going bowling too. He has become obsessed with Star Wars lately. He loves watching the cartoon and also the real movies. Him and Logan pretend they are fighting with light sabers all day. He is very interested in numbers and already knows basic addition. He is obsessed with doing puzzles and can put together 100 piece ones by himself. I can't believe my oldest baby is going to be in kindergarten this year!

We are at Nana and Papa's house right now. Ethan was taking a bath last night. He wanted the jets turned on. I left the room for a minute and came back to find him completely covered in bubbles. It was hilarious. He is such an amazing big brother to baby Colin. He always makes Colin laugh. He also loves to help me clean. I love you Ethan Vader!

...So blessed to have a wonderful husband. He is an amazing bowler. He is so good at providing for our family. He is an awesome dad to our 3 boys. He always has so much on his plate but somehow he manages to deal with lack of sleep and free time. He makes me feel so special and loved. We have many differences, but also so many things in common. We love watching sports together. We love scrapbooking together (ok. Well, he probably doesn't love it, but he is willing to do it to spend time with me). Most of all we love spending time together. I'm so glad I found you Chris. I love you and can't wait until you come home from 'Bama.

...So blessed to have the knowledge of the true gospel.

...So blessed to be sealed to my family for eternity.

...So blessed to have a Savior who loves me.

...So blessed
to know and love so many good people. I would mention you all, friends and family, but then this blog would go on for eternity. Just know I am thinking of you.

..So blessed for so many things.

When I feel like whining again, then I will remind myself to read this post.

So blessed.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Writers Block...Ugh.

I have writer's block and am having a hard time coming up with things to write so this will mostly be a picture post.

My sweet baby turned 8 months old on the 1st. He is the sweetest little boy. Always smiling.

Chris gave me these beautiful tulips on Tuesday. I love it when he surprises me with flowers; especially tulips. They are my favorite.

Chris helped me make a delicious dinner tonight. We made Chicken Marsala and also had Gorgonzola Cheese Fondue for our bread. Very stinky cheese, but SO YUMMY! I even got out the place mats and put our salad in a bowl instead of just getting it out of the bag. Talk about going the extra mile for once. J/K.

I found this picture on my camera. I guess Ethan took it while I was making dinner. As you can tell I am cooking by "lamplight". Our kitchen light decided to stop working last Saturday. We replaced the light bulbs and switch, but it still isn't working. Chris is going to take it apart tomorrow and hopefully we will have light again. It's not so fun doing dishes in the dark. Unfortunately we don't have a window in the kitchen.

Overall it's been a good week.

I've been to the gym 4 days in a row.

My teeth are getting whiter every day.

I haven't cried or gotten depressed for a few days.

One of the downsides to this week is that my friend Leah moved to California. I had so much fun hanging out with her, but hopefully I'll will be able to go on a road trip to see her sometime.

Leah, Me, and my friend Kasey

I've learned this week that exercise really does give you energy, motivates you, and makes you feel better about yourself. So if you are feeling down, do some jumping jacks or something.

Wow, this turned into a more productive post then I was expecting it to be.

Hopefully I can get myself to write another one soon.

I hope everyone has a good weekend.