Sunday, October 25, 2009



Just when I think I am getting things under control and that my kids don't do anything too bad, Ethan has to go and do a whole bunch of things in one night.

Last night we were watching a movie and Ethan was supposedly in his room going to sleep. He came up later and said that he wanted to watch another movie. Chris took him back to his room and found out what Ethan had really been doing. Chris' dad had given us a present to give to Logan for his birthday. Well, apparently Ethan had decided to open the present... not just unwrap it, but open the box that the toy was in and take it all apart. He also had opened a cookie mix and spilled it all over the floor. We were upset, but put him too bad and thought that that was all he had done.

Well, this morning when Ethan came into my room, I realized that he had dried paint on his hands. I went downstairs to investigate and found out that he had gotten into my box that had some craft paints in it. He had gotten a little on the blanket that was on the bed in there, but I didn't realize that he had gotten it on other places too. Later I realized that he had started painting some of Logan's present, had gotten a little on the carpet (Ugggh!) and had gotten some on a leather couch. We were pretty frustrated at that point and then Chris opened up his laptop and realized that 6 or 7 of the keys had been removed from the keyboard. Chris was able to find all of them, but the F key... which is still MIA. I think Ethan understood how upset we were and eventually he told Chris that he was sorry. I sure hope he learned his lesson. We are going to put a lock on the extra bedroom so that he won't be tempted to get in there.

Oh the joys of having a three year old! I just hope I can get the paint out of the carpet. I'm thinking not likely.


In other news: Little Logi will be 2 tomorrow! M
y little baby is growing up. We will now have a 3 year old and a 2 year old! Oh goodie.

Here is the birthday boy himself:



Brotherly Love

How Sweet! I love it when they actually want their picture taken!

We carved pumpkins with our friends Ben and Andrea. Their son Ian loves Chris!

Me with my awesome flower pumpkin!

P.S. My brother, Dane, comes home from his mission in 2 days! :)

Friday, October 16, 2009


I have been having a hard time deciding what to blog about. School is sucking all of the creative juices out of my brain. Aaahh!

Lately I have been on a quest to be a better person. I have always wanted to be a good person, but I have many weaknesses and sometimes I let those get in the way of things.

Family and friends are so important too me and so i have really been trying to be a better friend to others.

I just want anyone who reads this to know that I love you and that I am so grateful for your friendship! Let me know if there is anything I can do for you.

Speaking of friends.... I just got back from a luncheon/shower with some of my friends from high school. We don't get together very often and it is always so fun to see them. We all have kids now or at least kids on the way!

A girl needs a nice outing with her friends every once in a while. Thanks Chris for watching the boys so I could have fun! :)

The gang: Angie (she is about to have a baby girl. Woo hoo!), Hilary with Easton, Brina with Brinleigh, Addie with Jackson, Me with Kash, and Mikela with Isabella. We are just missing my two boys, and Brina's boy Josh.... and of course Katie! Too bad she is so far away.

P.S. How do you keep your house clean with kids? I need pointers, because mine make it so messy and it is a huge uphill battle to keep it clean.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

I want foo!

Lately, Logan has been a bottomless pit!

He walks around all day saying, "I want foo". He gets upset if I don't immediately find him something to eat.

I have found that if I don't get him food that he will get desperate and start eating anything he can find. He has eaten lotion and soap on many occasions. He forgets how nasty it tastes. I caught him trying to eat the outside of a zucchini this morning. He even decided that he would sample the dishwasher detergent yesterday.

Usually, it is locked up under the sink... but my lovely son Ethan decided he would break the lock. We use Cascade Action Pacs and yesterday I found that Logan had bitten a package open and had the powder all over his mouth.

He was trying to spit it out. I am sure it tasted nasty. Well, I didn't think it was a big deal, because I thought it was just soap, but I decided to read the back of the package and found out that if it is swallowed that I should call poison control immediately.

Well, I was really scared after that. I wiped all of it off of his tongue with a paper towel. I don't think he swallowed any of it. I think he just put it on his tongue and realized it was nasty. So, anyways, he is fine, but I thought he was old enough to not put that kind of stuff in his mouth anymore.
I just need to make sure he always has food in his mouth so he won't try to eat stuff he shouldn't.

Lesson Learned.

On another note: Ethan has become obsessed with playing a toddler computer game at my mom's house. He always wants to play it at my house, but we only have laptops and I don't think he could use the built-in mouse. Today we went to the store and bought a mouse to connect into the laptop. He was so happy! It made his day. He is such a smart little kid.

Monday, October 5, 2009

A good month!

My brother, Dane will be home from his mission in three weeks! Logan will be 2 years old in three weeks... and it is almost Halloween! What a great month!

Well, except for the cold weather. I can handle the 50s and 60s but when it drops down to the 40s then I really start to moan.

I haven't decided what to be for Halloween yet. Ethan is finally old enough to tell me what he wants to be.

He wants to be Handy Manny. It is one of his favorite cartoons.I always ask Ethan what Logan should be for Halloween. The first time he told me a chicken. It was funny. Now he always tells me that Logan should be Barney. I am not a huge fan of Barney so I am pretty sure that is not going to be happening.

Ethan also says that Chris should be a penguin (I have no idea why) and that I should be a dinosaur.

Any ideas for what I could be? I want it to be creative, but not too hard to make. What are you going to be for Halloween?

P.s. General Conference was really inspiring and motivating! I really enjoyed it! :)