Sunday, June 19, 2011


Chris celebrated his 29th birthday on Wednesday.

I embarrassed him by calling him "cupcake" on Facebook and hanging this sign for him to see when he came home from work:

He didn't see it and so I made him go outside to look and it and then he said he was embarrassed.

We had Navajo tacos for dinner (my favorite) and then we watched the Stanley Cup Finals (per his request).

I continued to embarrass him by making him wear this at dinner:

I think this might be a new family tradition! :)

To make it fair I made everyone else there wear the glasses too.

I look like the biggest dork.

I will save the others from embarrassment and keep their pictures in my secret file for future blackmail (Joking).

I was so busy that I didn't make him a cake and so I was lame and bought him some cheesecake at the store.

Happy Birthday Chris! We love you. One more year until the big 30!!!!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Nano Rocks

Nanette is the one who usually writes a blog about various things and I enjoy reading the stories about the kids and what she has been doing. So I thought I would surprise her and do one about her.

Isn't She Beautiful?

I think so.

Nanette is the glue that holds us together. When the kids haven't gone wild, she has done her best to make sure the house is clean and comfortable. I know she is doing a great job because the kids love her and somehow can't get enough of her. :-)

Really though, the best part about Nanette is that she loves me enough to marry this stubborn bald guy.

I Love You Nanette and Thank You For Everthing!