Thursday, May 8, 2008

Discoveries and Friends

Logan has discovered himself in the mirror. It is so adorable. In our bedroom our closet doors are mirrors. I will lay him on the ground and he will roll over to the mirror. He will lay there for quite a while and stare at himself. The cutest is when he lifts up his head and smiles at himself and then lays back down. He must know that he is cute! Being 6 months old, he is at a really cute age where he loves to play and explore new things.

Ethan and Logan are becoming pretty good buddies. Ethan likes to try to get Logan to laugh. He makes really funny laughing noises and half of the time it makes Logan laugh. He talks all of the time to Logi saying "HI BABY" and things like that. The only problem is when Logan is sleeping and Ethan wants to play with him. He has figured out how to open Logan's door and he will go in and wake him up, before I even know what has happened. Also, Ethan has developed a little attitude (terrible twos?) and when he is mad he likes to throw things, bite, hit, etc. Sometimes he decides to take it out on Logan (I guess he gets jealous? ... or maybe he knows that Logan can't fight back) and then I have to jump in and protect him. I am looking forward to when they are both older. I hope that they will be best friends!

Last night, Chris and I visited my cousin's Megan and Ben. They had a baby boy on April 28th. He is such a doll! What I can't believe is that not too long ago, Logi was that small. Now he is a chunk. Where does the time go? Away and fast.


Melanie said...

What fun ages! Try to treasure each moment, even the tantrums because before you know it they'll be too big to send to time outs!

suzy said...

Cute cute little boys!! I bet Ethan just knows that Logan can't fight back yet. Gwen was kind of mean to Max right from the beginning and now he doesn't take it as much and she has gotten a lot nicer. Now you need to have a little girl for them to protect.