Friday, May 2, 2008

Nanette has written every blog on this site, so I suppose it's my turn to write some things. Today, my friend since Jr. High is graduating from college. I'm fairly excited for him because school isn't that easy for him, but he did. There is a lot to be learned from that experience. No matter how difficult a task is ahead of someone it is possible to overcome adversities and anxieties to acomplish a minor/major goal.

This type of learning will be my focus as I seek to shed a few pounds for the "Biggest Loser" contest. Unlike going to college for several years, this contest is only two months. However, it's not going to be easy because of the habitual lifestyle already led by eating fast-food or foods with high calorie, carbohydrates, and fat intake. These things are not bad with moderation and careful consideration; but who does that on the run?

Next Monday I am going to the doctor. I am sure he will inform me that you need to eat better and excerise more than the use of your thumb for a remote. So we will say, but at least I can tell him I am eating healthier. Until later.


Melanie said...

Won't it be nice to tell the doctor that you're working on your health? I think this Biggest Loser contest is great. I hope it is so successful that we want to do a Biggest Loser 2!

The Willdens said...

Is there a prize for the biggest gainer?

Chris Gamble said...

Katie: The prize is more of you to love (that is for Aaron).