Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I have no money because I scrapbook!

I am addicted to scrap booking. I would probably do it 24/7 if I could. Well, I would probably need breaks here and there... to eat, sleep, stuff like that. It's a good thing that I have 2 kids, so that I don't do it that much. Chris is really good about letting me buy scrapbook supplies, when I want to. I am sure he would rather spend our money on other things. Last month I went to a scrapbook retreat with Chris' mom and sisters. It was at a hotel and we pretty much scrapbooked for 24 hours straight, with a little sleep in the middle. It was so nice to have no kids, no distractions, etc. I got quite a bit done and had a lot of fun.

Even though I scrapbook as often as I can, I am still way behind. I need to wait to have more kids until I am caught up on Ethan and Logan's scrapbooks. Maybe if I stopped taking pictures, then I could catch up, but I am also addicted to taking pictures!

Pretty soon, I think that I am going to venture into the world of digital scrapbooking. I have no clue where to start. If any one has advice, let me know.

Anyways, here are a few samples of scrapbook pages that I have done:

From Ethan's scrapbook

From Logan's scrapbook

From our dating scrapbook

From our family scrapbook


The Willdens said...

You are so silly! I think that scrapbooking is so much better than money because you do such a good job. I guess it helps too when your kids are so dang cute! Maybe that is your secret! just kidding! Want to do mine?:) We really need to get together again soon and scapbook!

Melanie said...

You really have a talent for scrapbooking. I need to get back to it. I bought a xyron (sp?) machine at Walmart yesterday that makes stickers so we need to get together with all our stuff. Maybe I should tend the boys and you should scrapbook for me!

suzy said...

Dang girl, how many scrapbooks do you have? Just kidding. I don't have a dating one, but we are on our second family one and Gwen had a full scrapbook by 6 months. Max of course is 18 months and I have yet to fill half of it. I'm no good at it though. I have no creativity.