Sunday, May 4, 2008


So it seems that I am catching up to Nanette as far as the number of blogs written, but that is okay. So today I was set apart as Elder's Quorum President. It's sort of daunting to think of the responsibilities that are ahead of me. However, I must say it will be fun; and fortunately the quorum members seem willing to help when asked to do so. I have already felt the Lords help me out with some of my weeknesses, especially in the area being timid and my "pride". There have been some neat spiritual blessing and confirmations as to receiving this calling; and these types of confirmations have really helped to know of whom this call comes from, Jesus Christ. Anyway, more blogs to come.


The Willdens said...

I think it is so great that you were called as Elders Quorum President!!! I could barely handle being a primary teacher so that would scare me to death, but I know that you will do a good job! Remember we are all always here for you!!! GOOD LUCK!

Melanie said...

You will be a great leader because you will listen to the Spirit, listen to counsel and delegate! We're proud of you!