Tuesday, June 3, 2008

It's a zoo in here!

As you can tell from the title... yes we did go to the zoo. Although it is often a zoo at my house, on Friday we went to the real zoo with animals. We went with Chris' mom, his siblings, and their kids. This was Logan's first time going and Ethan's second (he went on his first birthday). I think that he enjoyed it a lot more this year, because obviously he is older and he knows what animals are and the sounds that some of them make. It was a beautiful spring day and just the right temperature, so a lot of the animals where out walking around instead of hiding in the shade. We looked at all of the animals and took a little train ride. Ethan fed the ducks and was excited to find that they had a playground with slides. He loves slides and I was proud of him for going down it, because it was a pretty long tunnel slide. We didn't leave until closing time and where definitely worn out, but we had a lot of fun and didn't get sun burns (thank you sunscreen!).

Me and Logan at the rare white alligator exhibit. It is leaving soon, so you better go if you want to see it!

Chris and Ethan about to be eaten by a lion! (oh no) My mom has a picture of her as a little girl by this drinking fountain. It must be really old! (just kidding mom)

Monkeys looking at monkeys! (ha ha. It's late. I really need to go to bed!) Tyler, Jason, Tracy, Breckston, Lori (mom), and Ethan

Elephant eating hay. We were so excited to see the elephant eating. We took a ton of pictures. The things that amuse us. It really is cool how they eat, though.

We also got really excited to see the bears fighting each other. Hey, last time we came they were hiding in their caves!

So sweet! Logan and Chris on the train ride!

The train ride- what a cute family! Blaine, Bryce, Shanna, and Austin... one of the rare pictures of Bryce. He usually hides the instant he sees a camera.

Look at this boy. He should be a professional modeler! Well, he is dang cute, but I am also biased, cuz he's my kid. - outside the zoo when we were leaving.


Melanie said...

Fun! I thought of the picture of me at the lion drinking foutain too. It must be old because that was probably almost 40 years ago! Cute kids even though I readily admit I'm biased.

The Willdens said...

Oh I'm jealous! I loved when we went to the zoo on Ethans first birthday! I love the zoo and I can just imagine how much Ethan Loved it! They both look sooo cute!!! I'm glad that you guys had fun!

Chris Gamble said...

That was sure a fun time this year. The temperature was much cooler and the animals were more active. It was also cool to see all the baby animals at the zoo. Can't wait until next year.

Lori said...

This is so cool Nanette!! I love the pictures but the memory of being there with my beautiful family is just the BEST!! Give my grandbabies big kisses and hugs for me, I love them to pieces and if course who couldn't, they are beautiful.....