Sunday, June 29, 2008

Terrible Twos, here we come!

Ethan had an AWESOME BIRTHDAY...

The Birthday boy with Nana- one of the few pictures that he would look at the camera for

Okay... so Ethan has really in been in the terrible twos since he was a year old, but he officially entered them when he turned 2 on Friday. I can't believe my baby is two! He has been obsessed with candles and blowing them out since my birthday in May. He calls them happy and will even sing the first part of "Happy Birthday". It was fun to try to convince him that it was his birthday. All day we were singing the song to him and we kept asking him, "Is it Ethan's Birthday?" and "Who is coming for Ethan's birthday?" We even got him to say, "I'm two", when we would ask him how old he was.

We had a fun party with my family. I am so glad they were able to come! They got to our house around four. He woke from his nap when they arrived and had to open his presents right away when he saw them all. It was cute to watch him open them. He would get a present, open it, barely glance at it, throw it, and start opening another one. When he saw that what he was opening was clothing, he wouldn't even unwrap it all the way. He would just chuck it. Typical boy. He got some fun presents, including a bike, a swimming pool, a t-ball set, a bubble mower, a toy vacuum, and a cool car bed that my Dad made for him. My Dad is so awesome! He also got lots of stuff to decorate his room. We are going to do his room in the theme of "cars" the movie.

After opening his presents we had a delicious dinner of Italian seasoned sandwiches that Chris made. He is such a good cook. After that we headed to a cool park that has a splash pad hooked onto it. Ethan was finally starting to get brave in the water when it shut off for the night. If we would have known it was going to close so early we would of went sooner. He did have fun playing on the playground. He loves slides and he is so good at climbing up the bars to get to the slides.

After the park we went back to our house and we sang to Ethan and he got to blow out the "happy", which is what he calls the cake and candles. I think that that was the most exciting part of the day to him.

He was practically beaming all day and it was so much fun to spoil him and make him laugh. He seems so much older and more mature since he has turned two. I don't know why. I am so proud of him for all that he can do and for being such a good big brother. Happy Birthday Ethan! We love you!

Ethan getting ready to open his presents- so spoiled!

With his new bed- he wouldn't look at the camera

With his new bike, playing in the water at the park, and his car cake

Logan loves the camera- what a cutie!


Chris Gamble said...

It was such an awesome day for Ethan. I don't think he could have been more happier; in fact he was so happy that he didn't even need a nap or show any signs of one.

The bed is just freakin' awesome. Pa, will you make me one? It would give knew meaning to the back seat. Nanette is going to kill me for that comment.

Thanks for all the presents from everyone. Ethan sure is enjoying everything.

Melanie said...

What a fun day! I can't believe that little bundle of joy who had troubles breathing when he was first born (they almost had to call a code blue for me too!)is now a smart two year old. I didn't know what living was before I was a nana.

Being the proper person I am I tried not to smile Chris.

suzy said...

Dang, your family is awesome! I can't believe your dad made that bed and did he paint it himself too? I'm gonna have to hit my dad up for some homemade furniture. Well good luck with a two year old. Have you started potty training yet? I'm not looking forward to that this time. For some reason I think it is going to be harder with Max.