Monday, June 16, 2008

Busy, busy weekend!!!

This is going to be a pretty long blog. A lot has happened in the last few days.


First off, we went on a fun camping trip to Porcupine Dam from Thursday to Saturday. We went with my fam and had a lot of fun! It was Logan's first camping trip. I think that the boys both enjoyed it, even though it was really cold the first two days.

My mom and Logan- all bundled up!

Chris fishing- the water was so high!
Here's me- we got a lot of bites, but no fish. :(

We went on a hike to a mine and had to cross the creek a couple of times. It was so cold!

Outside the mine- Dad, Logan, Katie, Aaron, Ethan, Naomi, Caleb, Nick, and Chris

Chillaxin'- Logan was so glad to get out of the back pack for a few minutes.

Logan playing in Nana's tent and out by the camp fire. He just loves the camera!


Saturday we went out to dinner at TGI Friday's to celebrate Chris' birthday. He turned the big 26! Ethan didn't want to just sit still and eat.
Me and Logan- he loved being able to sit in the high chair

Sunday was Chris' B-day along with father's day. We went over to his mom's house to celebrate with his family. Here he is goofing off with his bro, Jason.

Chris' mom who made us a yummy dinner

Chris' sister, Tracy and husband, Tyler

His sisters Shanna and Alison

Me and Chris


On Monday Ethan had tubes put in his ears and his adenoids out. He had to be to the Surgical Center by 7:15 a.m. He couldn't have any food or drink after midnight. He was so good. He was pretty happy and didn't ask for his "ba ba" or anything. Here he is in the car, on the way. Chris' mom watched Logan for us. Thank you so much!


In the waiting room w/ Chris and playing with the toy vacuum

AFTER: He was pretty out of it when they first brought him to us. He kept drifting in and out of sleep. After about 1/2 hour he started to get restless.

They put an I.V. in his foot. I felt so bad. He kept trying to pull it out. After about an hour they let us take him home. He started running and playing really quick and hopefully will be back to normal in no time... with no more ear infections!


Melanie said...

Could we have packed more into that long weekend? Camping was a lot of fun (I still want trout!)and I'm glad that since Chris had to share his B-day with Father's day he had two of the cutest boys to show for it! Thank goodness Ethan's surgery is over and hopefully it will do the trick!

Lori said...

Wow, you guys looked like you had so much fun camping....wish I was there!! Fathers Day and Chris's birthday was so fun and dinner did turn out good, I guess I will pat my self on the back for that one!!Lol. I am so glad that Ethans tubes ar in now and he will feel better. It is so sad to see him cry cause it hurt. Thanks for sharing with us. Love you,

Chris Gamble said...

Hey Nanette. I had a great time camping with you up in Cinnnnnaaammmonnn Creek. I was very glad that you were able to relax and enjoy your time.

Thanks for a great birthday and Father's day. It was certainly a good day, even though I changed all the poopie diapers. Hahaha... Anyway, I love you.