Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Almost two months ago, Nanette and I went on a nice vacation to Mt. Rushmore. We had a great time. As such traveling is one my favorite things to do. I enjoy going on short road trips, getting on an airplane and in matter of hours be somewhere far away, or even just camping.

These next few weekends will be about camping. Camping is a lot of fun because of the great food possibilities and fishing. Who doesn't like to have dutch oven cooking, smores, marshmellers, and my absolute favorite Hamburgers and Hot Dogs. Nanette and I will be up in Cache Valley and then the Uintahs the next week.

As far as traveling goes, I also plan on going to Maryland a couple of times at the end of the year. In fact, I will be going to Maryland twice within a month. Okay, the flying will not be that awesome and the weather will probably suck but that is okay. I plan on going to DC on the second trip during the weekend, which I am extremely excited to do that. Also, I am hoping to bring Nanette out during one of these trips with or without the kids; this will depend on her school work.

Nanette and I also plan on doing a redo honeymoon for our five year anniversary. We are thinking of a few place to go to such as Hawaii, the Caribbean, or Europe. We haven't decided. All three of those places seem pretty freakin awesome. Of course, since it is a redo, we will be staying at the luxurious Logan Regional Hospital one night...just kidding. Sorry for the gloating, but I am just excited about this years travelling.


Nanette Gamble said...

I love traveling too!... especially with the ones I love. I am excited to go camping and I hope that I can come to Maryland with you. That would be so cool to go to DC... and of course I can't wait for our second honeymoon! :)

Melanie said...

Do you mind if I come to visit you on your honeymoon again at the hospital?