Sunday, June 22, 2008

The "Nuthouse" Reunion

Chris caught a lot of fishies...and so did Nanette

Nanette has done a great job at keeping up with writing blogs. I must say it is interesting to see what is going on with her perspective.

So we once again went camping, this time to Bridger Lake in the Uintahs and with my side of the family. It is very beautiful up there. However, the best part of the whole trip was catching tons of fish. I caught 14 fish up there, which was close to the most of anyone that fished.

The first day we got up there, I realized why I haven't seen too many mosquitoes; that is because they wanted to go camping with us. I'm not kidding, it seemed as if it was raining skeeters all evening. They were everywhere. Too my surprise I only have about 5 bites; thank goodness for bug spray. The fishing was really good for Nanette, she caught six that first night, way to go. We caught ten all together.

The second day was filled with a lot more fishing. I caught a lot more that day with eighth fishies and more bites than I could account for. Nanette did really well. Our highlight was when we got a away from everyone about eight at night and went canoeing. We had fun just talking to each other, me putting worms on her hook, and catching fish.

The last day we were there, I only caught two fish. The wind was pretty bad in the morning and decided that it wasn't worth it and went back to pack up. Overall, I caught 14 fish, most of which were brook trout and 4 were rainbows. I did muster myself to eat one of the brook trout I caught and it was delicious. The meat was nice and red, which means it wasn't a stock fish. I believe I might have some trout for you, Ma; but my mom or sisters have the cooler with the fish in it or we ate all the fish; I don't remember.

Anyway, sorry for the fishing journal. If you haven't been there it is way fun and beautiful.


Melanie said...

I should have sent a special cooler with dry ice with you for my fish! Maybe there were so many fish because there are so many mosquitos for them to eat! Where are the pictures?

Lori said... the fishing Chris!!
We had such a great time fishing. By the way Melanie, your fishies are in my freezer any time you want them, come and get them. The sooner the better, cause they taste better. Thanks chris and Nanette for sharing this great time with me!! Love you,

Melanie said...

I'm glad you added pictures. I like them. I'm excited about the fish!

Nanette Gamble said...

I am glad we got to go camping. It was a lot of fun... and so nice to actually catch some fish. Next time I will catch more then you!... ha ha ha.

The Willdens said...

Ahh you lucky dogs! Aaron and I are so jealous that you caught fish! Although i know I couldn't keep at it all day like you did chris! I would go crazy. I don't trust myself by a lake that long I for sure would fall in, or jump in :)to liven things up. We should go again and you guys can teach us some pointers. At least me, Aarons pretty good.

The Willdens said... the way fish=yucky!

The Willdens said...

Those pictures of the boys are so cute!! I can't wait to see them tomorrow for Ethans birthday! YAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY ETHAN!

Kent said...

The best part of the Gamble reunion was the fact that Logan got to stay with Papa and Nana!!! We love that little boy!

Chris Gamble said...

Well I win the record for the most comments. Thanks Katie for triplicating your efforts.