Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Big 27!

Monday was Chris' 27th Birthday.

Unfortunately, for him, he had to work. :( But when he got home we threw him a fun little party.

He has been wanting a barbecue grill for a while... and his wish came true!

Getting ready to grill!

Yummy french fries!
Or are they?

I would like to say that I made Chris this cool hamburger cake, but I will have to give credit to my good buddy Albertsons!I made Chris wear this birthday hat. Thanks for being a good sport!

The boys are getting so big! Here they are with their cute cousin Blaine eating at their own little table. Ethan insisted all day that it was "his birthday" and not "Daddys". Lucky for him, his birthday is only 10 days away!

Thanks to all who came to Chris' party and made him feel special! We love you Chris! Hope you had a good day!


Chris Gamble said...

Yes it was a good party. Thanks to everyone that came it was fun.

Lorene said...
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Trent and Christy said...


Melanie said...

I'm glad Chris finally got to use his new grill. I hope that's the first of many yummy dinners! Glad you had a good day Chrissy poo!

The Willdens said...

We were bummed that we missed the party we hear it was lots of fun! Happy birthday CHRISTOPHER!:)

Lori said...

Hope your Birthday Party was Awsome Chris, I am sorry I had to miss it.
Love you,