Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Switching Places Might Be Nice



This actually kind of looks like him. Ha ha.

Chris is in Tampa, Florida right now on a business trip. While he is enjoying 80 degree weather, I freeze my hands off every time I go outside.

Lucky him!

NO FAIR for me!

I wish my full time job as a stay at home mom would send me on a mommy convention to somewhere warm. :)

We miss you Chris and hope you are having a good time!


Melanie said...

LOL love the pictures! That picture describes how I feel too! I hope we get to see you tomorrow! Although not to bum you out but It's even colder here...on the up side though it's supposed to be warmer tomorrow...20' instead of -20 :)LOL

The Willdens said...

LOL ditto mom!

Chris Gamble said...

I don't want to go back. You women scare me. Hehehe...I'll stay put and enjoy the gators, snakes, lightning, humidity, etc to just enjoy ahh...the 78 degree weather. In fact and at dinner last, we were there for almost four hours outside and not a single drop in temperature was felt. It was beautiful. :-)

Thanks for all you do Nanette. I do appreciate all your efforts this week, especially with taking care of an RSV baby. That is scary. Sorry Ma and Katie if Nanette can't go but you don't want Emma to have this nasty virus. It is not a good one. Right now he is on the brink of hospitalization.