Sunday, December 14, 2008

Our fun Maryland/DC trip

I decided it was about time that I write a new blog. I have just been lazy. I got back Wednesday from my trip visiting Chris in Maryland and it was so much fun. He had a class for work in California, Maryland; which happens to be right next to Hollywood. No joke. It is a couple hours south of Baltimore. We stayed at a Navy base and it definitely wasn't like the Mariotts we are used to staying at, but I can't complain because it was free!

That Saturday we took a trip into Washington D.C. I loved it and wished we could've had a couple of weeks to spend there. In the few short hours that we were there, we visited the National Archives (where we saw the Declaration of Independence and the Magna Carta), the Holocaust Museum, the White house, the Capitol Building, and the Library of Congress (where we got library cards). We also saw a bunch of other cool stuff on the way.

Sunday we drove into Baltimore. I had never been there before and it was really pretty. The downtown area is right on the docks of a river. We toured a WWII submarine and a Civil war ship. We also went to the science center.

On Tuesday I had finished all of my homework and so I was able to do some site seeing on my own. First I went to the bottom tip of Maryland where I saw a pretty view of the Cheasepake Bay. I also saw a Civil War Cemetary where thousands of Confederate Soldiers died in a Prisoner of War camp. After that I drove back towards DC where I saw the Lincoln Memorial, walked around Arlington Cemetary, and drove by the Pentagon. That evening we went to a place called Solomon's Island and had fresh shrimp. It was so good!

It was an awesome trip, but I sure didn't see everything I wanted to, so I guess I will have to go back soon! (That's a hint Chris) Tomorrow Chris is going to Columbus, Ohio for 5 days, but I don't get to go this time. It's alright though. I feel pretty blessed to have done all of the traveling that I have this year.

Outside the White house with the Christmas tree and Washington Monument in the background. It was so cold there!

Cool picture of Chris at Union station while it is snowing.

Soldier guarding the Tomb of Unknown Soldier at Arlington Cemetary

Awesome, big bridge that goes over the Patuxent river. It wasn't even close to as big as another bridge we went over in Annapolis.


Melanie said...

Those are some cool pictures. Especially the one with the snow falling around Chris by the bell. The funny thing was, we were having warmer weather in Utah! Go figure! Chris needs to take a business trip to Florida so you can visit him there!

Chris Gamble said...

Ma, I hear you on that. At least OH will be warmer. I am going to LA in March. Hoo Raa!

Aubrey said...

Wow! That is an awesome trip - even if it was quick. I have always wanted to go there. I love the pictures! You are way spoiled to have your mom take care of your kids while you are gone . . . I bet they don't mind when you take a trip ;)

Mrs. Ellis said...

You get to go on some fun trips with your husband. How fun!!