Thursday, August 14, 2008


On August 6th my Grandpa, Jerald Smith, was reunited with his beautiful wife, Marlene. I am so glad that they are together again and that my Grandpa isn't suffering any more. I was actually with him when he passed and I could feel so much love and peace in the room. His funeral was so nice. There was so many family and friends there. Every one who talked about Grandpa made me remember what a wonderful person he is. He was in the military when he was younger and so he was given military honors at the cemetary. The American Legion did the 21 gun salute and my cousin, Luke, played taps. It was so neat and Luke did such a great job.
Grandpa had been living with my parents for over a year and towards the end they were almost completely taking care of him along with Hospice. I just want to say thanks Mom and Dad for all you did and the sacrifices you made in taking care of Grandpa! I love you! Anyways, I miss you Grandpa and Grandma and I look forward to seeing you again!

My Dad and Ethan

Carrying the Casket

Cool Navy medals on the casket

My Mom and her sistersMy grandparents' grave stone

My Mom and I


Chris Gamble said...

It was sad to see Grandpa pass away. His immediate death, the viewing, and funeral were all peaceful moments and filled with love. As with Nanette, thanks Ma, Pa, Naomi, Nick, and Caleb for all your hard work and love for Grandpa. I only wish to have been able to help more and been more responsive.